Tipping services/horse racing analysis/professional punting sites. Call them what you will but a common theme among those on “Racing Twitter” in recent times has been the questioning of how results are recorded on these sites. This website obviously is one of those sites and from the day this website started six years ago. I doubt anything has caused us more conjecture then on how we report on results.

It has been a constant talking point. In the initial stages of the website I will be honest, I was only in my mid 20’s and while I had a fair idea I was going OK on the punt. I really didn’t have too much of an idea whether or not over the journey I was in front or ahead. Initially when this website first started there was no real staking plan even. I was just suggesting spending $100 on each race. That obviously meant there were some big days but some pretty savage losing days when looking at it in profit or loss terms.

As I learnt more and gained more knowledge in the sport. I realised winning on the punt became essential that you stake your bets based on the confidence you have in the race. This certainly gave more consistent tipping results across the board. Even so during this period we have recorded results based on a winning strike rate per race. For example if I bet in 15 races in one day and found 6 winners, that would be a 40% strike rate. That gives some representation but not really a true indication of what most customers are looking for – Are you winning on the punt?

In continuing to report on results this way, my concerns were eased somewhat by the fact that on the old website most of the past previews were available to view freely. This meant customers looking at whether or not to sign up to the website could see what the service was about and how often there were winning days. It probably still didn’t give an overall reflection though on what was happening. At the start of last year for the first time I made sure that I recorded each bet I posted on the website in our paid previews and kept results. Part of this was proving to myself that I was actually capable of winning on the punt and then being comfortable sharing that information. I knew I provided good information and had a strong knowledge of The Great Game, but was I winning consistently enough?

Winning on the punt in 2017

In 2017, I returned a 7.51% POT from all bets suggested on the site. This was up around the 10% mark for most of the year before a pretty rough December. For a full breakdown of results, please click the below link

PB Profit & Loss 2017

What to expect in 2018

As of 2018 the decision has been made that details of each bet suggested will be recorded and available for viewing on the site. This will be updated after each meeting and recorded monthly. We are committed to updating this openly and honestly. There will be times where the numbers potentially won’t look inspiring. I am confident that if you use the service over time in whichever way you see fit (as long as it is responsibly) that it will assist you in your punting and finding more winners.

No matter what type of punter you are, the idea behind the service is to help you find a winner.  You may not have the assets, time or tools to assist you with your form study. We are committed on delivering timely information to take the burden out of punting. The change in format of results will hopefully provide the level of transparency needed. It will provide you with insights into how I do things and more importantly our existing and loyal customers a reference point on just how well we are tracking.

As always if you have any feedback don’t hesitate to get in touch. I hope you find these changes productive and helpful. Let me assure you that there will be plenty of hard work going into form study. Our goal in 2018 is to achieve a POT figure of 10-15%. This ensures there’s enough in the kitty for you to renew your service with us!

Progressive January results are now available in the new format. Stay tuned for further updates. Visit the Results page now for January 2018.

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